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Encourage your team to ride and you can expect happier, healthier, more connected employees.

Employee Membership Program Benefits:

  • Quick and convenient for short trips and errands
  • Demonstrates commitment to your community & your employees’ health
  • Fun, green, unique compliment to employee wellness and sustainability programs
  • Alternative to driving – and parking
  • Employee usage reports, including total carbon off-set, available online
  • Employees can challenge each other based on number of rides, distance or carbon offset.
  • Cross-promote your business
  • Special discount rates – for you and your team

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Link Memberships now available to your employees! 

Either for your benefits package or wellness plan, the Employer Membership Plan can work for you. The Employee Member Program will consist of two options to enroll your business – Subsidized Memberships or Full Membership Coverage. These two options gives you the flexibility to choose the option that is the best fit for you. A minimum of 5 memberships or $250 must be purchased to be eligible for this program.

The Plan:

Option 1: Subsidized Memberships

The employee covers a certain percentage of membership, and the employer contributes the rest of the cost for the membership. The business will be eligible for promotions outlined below based on the amount they spend. A minimum spend of $250 is required for this option.

Option 2: Full Membership Coverage

The business covers the entire cost of the membership for employees at a discounted rate. The discounted rate for the business is $55. The price will be discounted to $50 once 300 memberships are purchased. A minimum amount of 5 memberships must be purchased.

For more information or to enroll, please email Chris Buck, BusinessDevelopment Manager

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