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Link will be closing all stations starting on 3-21 for system upgrades! Check back for more details!

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Bike Miami Valley announces bike share map and name

by Olivia Barrow | Mar 06, 2015

Dayton's Bike Share is ready to accept members.

The program, called Link, officially launched Thursday, when the name was revealed to the public at the Greater Dayton RTA.

The $1 million project, led by Bike Miami Valley and its new executive director Laura Estandia, will place more than 200 bikes at 24 stations in a four-mile radius from Courthouse Square in downtown Dayton.

Included are five stops on the University of Dayton's campus sponsored by the university and 12 in the central business district. ( Click here for map on LinkDayton Web site or click photo to the right for the map.)

"We used existing bike share data to determine trip attractors — things like neighborhoods, restaurants and businesses," Estandia said. "We also gathered feedback from the public in our feasibility study, and worked with partners and sponsors to come up with the ideal system for Dayton."

Bike Share programs provide a more customizable form of public transportation, and the presence of more bikers on the streets helps create a safer environment for all bikers, and adds vibrancy to the streets. Dayton's program will be the 31st in the country. The presence of bike share stations on UD's campus could draw more students to visit downtown, boosting retail and restaurants in The Oregon District.

Dayton-based marketing firm Catapult Creative — along with a committee of community representatives — designed the brand and name for the Link, which hopes to target a wide range of audiences, but will focus on Millennials.

"The committee wanted a name that was short, catchy and embraced the spirit of bike share in Dayton," said Scott Murphy, Bike Miami Valley president. "The logo really captures the fact that Link is a bike transportation tool that can be used to connect downtown locations and surrounding neighborhoods."

Memberships cost $65 annually, and day passes can be purchased for $5. To promote the program launch, Link is offering a discount of $10 off to the first 100 annual members on itsWeb site.

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