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Link will be closing all stations starting on 3-21 for system upgrades! Check back for more details!

Link Upgrades FAQ

  • Why is the system closing?

  • When is the new system going to launch?

  • What will happen to my current membership?

  • What steps do I need to take to get my membership on the new system?

  • When can I download the Link Dayton App?

  • How will I checkout bikes with the new system?

  • I use Link to get to/from work, what should I do in the meantime?

  • Will I still be able to get bikes at former Link location?

  • What bikes will be available?

  • What is an e-bike?

  • What is riding an ebike like

Culture Bikes Have Been Released

by Chris Buck | Jun 24, 2016

Culture Bikes is a program developed by Bike Miami Valley and Greater Dayton RTA through the Link: Dayton Bike Share program. The top 5 designs showcase the artist’s representation of his or her culture or heritage. Some designs represent how the artist celebrates a multicultural Dayton. All artists worked with a graphic designer to make the final product.  

When you take a trip on a Culture Bike from June 3rd to July 31st, 50 cents of your trip will go toward funding the NCCJ’s Youth and Police Together Program. YAPT is a program built to create positive relationships between officers and youth, teach leadership skills and build positive relationships between youth from diverse backgrounds.

"My design reflects connection. As our streets connect our neighborhoods, our city can connect our cultures.”
- Brent Beck

"My design incorporates Celtic knots and the Celtic Triple Spiral, which is a symbol of growth representing different transitions in life."
- Brian Fortney

"I am an aspiring architect. My design suggestion is Islamic architecture which is very ornamental and beautiful."
- Muthanna Akram

"I was born in Mexico and very proud of it. I help organize the Day of the Dead parade and celebration each year so that people can learn about it. It also brings the community together.This design is particular of Capula, a small village in the state of Michoacan, Mexico. It has its roots in Prehispanic Mexico and continues to adorn beautiful clay pottery. The five fish represent the five rivers that converge downtown."
- Gabriela Pickett

“Colombian culture is described in one word, “happiness”. We celebrate our culture during Christmas with the “novena”, a religion tradition, with carnivals and festivals where we pray, dance, play music, and share food. Our culture is represented by the street artist and markets. They represent our culture of survival. I celebrate my culture by being happy, showing my hard work and expressing my culture and feelings through the art."
- Martha Rodriguez

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