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Linking with coffee

by Chris | Jul 20, 2017
We explore the best ways to carry coffee when you use Link to get around.

A question we hear very frequently is how to ride the Link Bikes with a cup of coffee. We may not have all the answers, but we have a few tips and tricks that will help you get your coffee from Point A to Point B.

The best way we have found to transport your coffee is with a reusable coffee mug. Now, there are many different variations of reusable coffee mugs, with many different types of closures. In a pinch, a coffee mug with a lid and an open drinking hole will certainly move your coffee, but any small bump will lead to some unwanted spillage. We recommend using a mug with a seal-able lid to avoid any coffee getting out and all over you and the bike. There are different types of seals that you may use as well. Here are a few of our staff's favorites.

Chris likes the twist seal. “With the twist, I can tighten it as tight as I want. This gives me a little more peace of mind when I toss it in my bag. I know a puddle of coffee won’t be waiting for me when I open the bag”


Emmy likes the snap lid. “This lid is easy and quick to get open and close back up again. I can reach into the front basket, get my coffee and take a quick drink at a stop light, just  as if it was a water bottle.”


Laura is a fan of the push button lid. “It’s so easy! You just push it. I like that it closes automatically after I release the button.”


Once you have found your mug of choice, you need to figure out the best way to carry it. Link Bikes are all equipped with baskets on the front and rear of the bikes. The front basket provides a great place to put your coffee cup, and have it be mostly secure. There are a couple of downsides to the basket though. It is metal, so it can scratch your mug and any stickers you may have on it. Also, a big enough bump may send your mug soaring into the air.
IMG_20170720_101854  IMG_20170720_101909

If you are carrying a bag, you can also put your travel mug into your bag, and either put your bag in one of the baskets, or if it is a backpack, carry it on your back. Before you do this though, make sure there is no leaks in your mug.

IMG_20170720_102214  IMG_20170720_102316

But what if I don’t have a travel mug, or I forgot it at home? Well, you are in a bit of a predicament then. Don’t fear, we do have an idea that is… workable… When you get your to-go coffee cup and lid, grab a few extra napkins. Remove the lid from the cup, and place the napkins over the top, then put the lid back on over the napkins. It is a good idea to drink a bit of your coffee before putting the napkins on. When you put the cup in the basket, make sure the drinking hole is facing to the front. Since there is a slope in the basket, this will help keep as much of the beverage in the cup. The napkins creates a layer of absorption for any coffee that may splash up while you are riding.  This trick is best used for short rides, since the napkin will get wet and eventually will fall apart. This is not the prettiest way to transport your coffee, or the best, but it could work if the situation calls for it. We do not recommend going over any large bumps using this method.

IMG_20170720_102052  IMG_20170720_102101

An even better idea if you don’t have your travel mug with you, is just to drink your coffee at the coffee shop. Relax and enjoy your coffee and read the paper, or strike up a conversation with someone. Some places have outdoor seating so you can enjoy your coffee while being outside. 


What is your favorite way to carry your coffee? Let us know! What other questions do you have that you want us to explore?

Looking for a place to get coffee close to a Link Station? Check out these fine options:

Press Coffee Bar

257 Wayne Ave

Closest Link Station: Oregon District E

Ghostlight Coffee

1202 Wayne Ave

Closest Link Station: Historic South Park

Boston Stoker Coffee Co.

34 W Second St

Closest Link Station: Courthouse Square

The Ohio Coffee Co.

1 S Main St

Closest Link Station: Wright Stop Plaza

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