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Linking to Sustainability

by Chris Buck | Aug 18, 2017

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Live Work Play. If you have been paying any attention to the movement of people to urban areas, you most likely have heard these three words used together. It is the calling of downtowns, big and small across the country to attract people back to the urban core. As we are seeing here in Dayton with the building of new housing options, and high occupancy rates, people are wanting to live in the core of the city. With new entertainment and recreation options, there are certainly places to play. New businesses are moving in and taking over more spaces in downtown, allowing for people to live, work and play in the center of the city and surrounding historic neighborhoods. We talk with lots of people that live and play in Dayton and work in another area, and we talk with lots of people that live outside of downtown that come here to work and for entertainment and recreation. It is great to hear about the different ways people are enjoying the city and how they use Link to enjoy it more.

Link Dayton Bike Share Riders
(Photo by Andrew Thompson)

One of the most attractive parts of having a downtown where you can live, work and play is having amenities that support a more sustainable lifestyle. A sustainable life meaning, being conscious of carbon footprint and the fuel used to get around. There are a lot of people who use Link now to get to work instead of driving because it is more practical for them, or it takes less time than getting in their car, and finding a parking spot when they get to their destination, then walking to their office. These people sometimes don’t have a personal bike, but they can still bike to work, or to lunch, or to their favorite after work entertainment spot because of Link. All the fuel they need is whatever they eat that day. As an added bonus, they don’t have to worry about their bike being locked up outside being rained on or tampered with.


When we pull our numbers, we see big rises in the amount of trips taken during rush hour in the morning, rush hour in the evening, and at lunch time. According to our surveys in the past years, about a third of these trips would have otherwise been taken by personal car, so Link is having an impact. We do get to see some numbers that we really enjoy throwing around. We know these numbers are estimates, but they are fun to look at. Since we opened on May 5, 2015, our riders, have saved an estimated 170,049 Lbs of carbon from going into the air. While doing that, you have burned an estimated 7,151,000 calories! That’s enough calories in 1,845 dozen maple glazed donuts! These numbers are important to understanding how Link is helping to create a more sustainable and healthier community.

Link Dayton Bike Share Home
(Photo by Andrew Thompson)

So here is our challenge as the Link staff to you. Think about small trips you have to make that are two miles or less. If you work downtown, think about your lunch choices or the way that you get to meetings in downtown locations. Do you drive from one side of town to the other? Think about if you can alter those trips with a bicycle, public transportation or walking. Challenge yourself to take a trip by Link bike to go to lunch or to a meeting or to go for a casual ride at some point before or after work. All of these add up to making a more sustainable community for us to enjoy.

Do you care about living a sustainable life? What do you do to live a more sustainable life? Let us know!

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